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Chronic Back Pain

For Treatment of Chronic Back Pain in Calgary

There are many people suffering from chronic back pain in Calgary. If you are one of them, book an appointment with Westbrook Family Chiropractic. The use of chiropractic treatment for chronic back pain, particularly low back pain, is well documented. Chronic pain is pain that has been constant for at least two months. It typically requires more treatment than acute injuries. This is due to abnormal neuromuscular firing patterns that prevent normal, healthy joint and muscle function.

Individuals presenting with chronic back pain will begin treatment two to three times per week for two to four weeks to correct neuromuscular misfiring and increase spinal mobility. Treatment can include a tailored program that includes stretching, strengthening as well as spinal manipulative therapy and Graston treatment. Subsequent treatment is negotiated on an individual basis.

For people with chronic back pain, it is very important to identify the cause of their pain. Motions, activities or statically held positions that provoke inflamed joints need to be changed. A discussion with the practitioner regarding potential causes of back pain and the elimination of motions that increase joint inflammation is essential to the success of treatment.


If a patient does not have a favourable outcome with a treatment, it is very important that the patient returns to the clinic to explain exactly what they are feeling so that the treatment can be altered. Every patient is individual and has unique needs.

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