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Chiropractic Care Helps Low Back Pain!

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons for which an individual will seek chiropractic care. The growth of the chiropractic profession over a large number of decades is an indication of not only the effectiveness but also the need for therapy designed to manage the spine. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lifetime prevalence of low back pain is estimated to be 60-70%. This means that 60-70% of us will deal with low back pain in our lives. The WHO says that low back pain is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence throughout much of the world, imposing a high economic burden on individuals, families, communities, industries, and governments. In the US, an estimated 149 million workdays are lost every year with an estimated cost of between $100 and $200 billion due to low back pain. How Can We Help? It is evident that back pain is not solely because of joint or muscle problems but the interaction between muscles and joints. When joints are not positioned correctly, joint inflammation results. This inflammation on the joints causes the muscles to tighten. When the muscles go into spasm, the normal flexibility at the joint is restricted which results in joint inflammation. Our chiropractic treatments are designed to address both muscle and joint injuries. The Graston technique or various soft tissue techniques are used to allow an increase in muscle flexibility, and chiropractic manipulation restores motion to the joints, allowing joint inflammation to decrease over time. Our clinic is committed to helping you with what you need! If you are looking for a timely return to a pain-free state or your sports of choice, we want to help you with that. If you are dealing with long-term pain because of posture or tension, we want to tailor our treatments to help you with that as well. The treatment plan for low back pain will depend on many things including the severity, chronicity and mechanism of the injury and the patient’s willingness to do home care as advised. Did You Know? If you bend forward at the waist and feel pain in your lower back, the tissue involved is either the muscles or the disc. When you arch your back the opposite way, the pain produced in your low back is not because of your muscles but because of your facet joints. The correct knowledge of the tissue injury will help us create the right prognosis and the correct treatment plan for each individual.


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